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"If this software was man, I'd have it's babies. Fantastic!"
eBay Powerseller

"I downloaded the trial version a few days ago and after using it, knew I had to get the full version. As I'm sure you already know, it is an absolutely fantastic piece of software and a must for any eBay seller who can't afford a photo studio, although with this bit of kit who needs to spend that kind of money any more?"

"From barely adequate photos to AMAZING artwork! Gotta love that! I didn't even finish my free trial before I bought this great product. This is simply WONDERFUL. I'm going to BLING! IT for life."
Inez Lazzari
Amazing Enterprises, Thunder Bay, Canada

"The saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more true than when you are selling on the internet and/or eBay. Ever since I started Blinging It!, my photos stand head and shoulders above my competitors and as they say, the proof's in the puddin' and my proof came yesterday in the form of an email that eBay sent to announce that I had achieved Gold Level PowerSeller. This is a direct result of the improved quality of my photographs."
Stephanie Inge
Lecturer, eBay University

"I have already discovered that by using a BlingIt photo, my eBay items sell faster and my traffic has increased.  My friends want to know WHO took my pictures and when I show them the before and after shots that I took, they want to buy your program too!"
Dave Carson
Carson's Antiques & Collectibles Inc.

"Janelle Elms convinced me to give Bling! It a try. Within minutes I created a great looking photograph branded with my logo. Wow, no learning curve, no complicated layers, etc."
Cindy Shebley
eBay Certified Business Consultant & Education Specialist

"Bling! It has truly helped me increase my sales!  It is a low cost, high performing solution that works for me. I have seen ordinary pictures that no one would give a second glance, turn into phenomenal photos! Items that I believe would’ve been in my store inventory for a while awaiting just the right buyer have been sold within a few days. The photos just ‘POP’ right out at the buyers!"
Mary Evans
eBay Seller

"I am already seeing some of my items getting sold off which were stuck with me for quite a long time. They SELL immediately once I upload some beautiful photos recreated with the help of Bling! It."
Runalala Georgette

"More than $110,000 worth of product is selling every minute on eBay, and no matter what they are shopping for, buyers only buy if they have two things – security and confidence. In order to gain a larger share of these sales, sellers need to provide potential buyers with that sense of security and confidence, and this starts with professional quality product photos.

By providing consistency, branding, and professionalism to product images, a tool like Bling! It would give eBay sellers an advantage over their competition and help achieve that level of safety and trust that the buyers are looking for."
Janelle Elms
Author of eBay Your Business, eBay University Instructor

"I work with Photoshop both at home and at work; Bling It! is much much easier to use for changing backgrounds and adding special effects."
Lisa Arcaro
Cool Cuffs Cufflinks and Jewelry

"I'm sure this increased the bid quite a lot compared to a regulare "un-blinged" image."
Franz Josef Schmid
McDermott Will & Emery Rechtsanwaelte

"I downloaded the software just yesterday and already been working on my images non stop since then … amazing possibilities with such ease … I am so very happy I found the software. Bling! It is so easy after the 1st 2-3 tries … its amazing, I am already seeing some of my items getting sold off which were stuck with me for quite a long time only to SELL immediately once i upload some beautiful photos recreated with the help of BLING! IT."
eBay Seller

"Bling It! is going to revolutionize the way I sell on eBay. The Puma modifications took literally 45secs to create and look phenomenal. The Bling It! tools really come into their own when creating the all-important perfect thumbnail photo. I strongly believe that the software could pay for itself after the first handful of auctions have been launched with the professionals photos included, good photos = confident bidders."
eBay Seller

"Just want to thank you for turning me on to Bling! It. I’m having so much fun learning about it and using it in my listings. (Have to admit I could waste the whole day playing around with it, but trying hard NOT to do that!)

Thought you might like to see some before & after shots. I don’t have it perfected yet, but sure love the results! Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, and giving us an extra tool to “choose success!” My “before” photos were OK, but this just helps them pop! A warning though - it’s addictive!!"

"How much do I LOVE this! I’m definitely going to have to get one of these!"
Rachel Coombe
eBay Seller Aksessorize

"What? A software that improves your product shots? I didn’t believe it but I was intrigued enough to try it – WOW! Bling! It Rocks!"
eBay Seller

"Using Bling! It I can turn my normal product shots into something more appealing to my visitors, but will have to see if it increases sales, it’s definitely easy to use and the results are mind blowing!"
eBay Seller

"I’ve been looking for something like this for years – am I glad its here? Hell yeah!" Debbie
eBay Seller

"Now I have no excuse about setting up my own eBay shop. With Bling! It I will look professional – thanks so much!"
eBay Seller

Title: Take Better Photos, Make More Money

By: Michelle Megna

When: July 10, 2007


“…83 percent of eBay shoppers skip listings without images; while sites with galleries get 15 percent more activity and those with so-called super-size photos show a 24 percent spike in sales...”

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