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Do's and Don'ts

Shooting for Bling! It - Do’s, Don’ts and Tips


1. Use any digital camera above 3 mega pixels

2. Keep all of the product in the frame

3. Use a reasonably uniform background

4. Ensure there is contrast between product and background

5. Ensure adequate lighting

6. Using inside lighting? - avoid harsh shadows



1. Use flash - it throws harsh shadows

2. Place the product against a busy or similar background

3. Make the product too small in the frame

4. Shoot outside in the middle of the day in direct sunlight



1. Make sure of camera focus

2. Set camera to highest quality setting

3. If possible shoot outside on a well lit day in an evenly shaded area

4. For inside lighting use halogen rather than tungsten lights

5. Take as many pictures as possible - they are free!

6. Take pictures from as many angles as possible

If the shooting is even vaguely right, Bling! It will take care of the rest and will produce professional product shots.


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